Kevin Costner’s Bison

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2 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    The contract that had been posted online by stated that Costner would have the final say about where the sculptures would be placed if he and Detmers did NOT agree so he had his bases covered and her lawsuit is baseless. I wonder how much money she thinks she deserves at this point? How many small sculptures she thinks would have been bought by wealthy patrons? Maybe not many. There’s no way to say! By suing she has scared away future business for herself!! Not a smart move!! Did she even try to appeal to Costner for the “fair price” for creating the sculptures that she says she “took off” from the original price? Appealing this to the State Supreme Court is a waste of their time since the contract was written to clearly cover all of Costner’s bases.

  2. Max Kennerly says:

    I would’ve thought that “agreeably” meant “to the mutual satisfaction of the parties,” but apparently no one thought much about that.