Does Chicago’s New Firing Range Ordinance Moot Ezell v. Chicago?

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  1. Dean says:

    Judge Kendall really messed up on this case. Nearly every ruling and decision she made was gutted and reversed by the 7th circuit. It wasnt even close. The court ordered an immediate injunction to nearly all of Chicago gun ordnance restrictins. Seems like Chicago enacted stringent requirments 4 days after McDonald -requiring 1 hr of firing arms training yet prohibited ranges within the City. Judge Kendall declined to issue an injuction based on the testimony of two city witnesses. One who never even was in a gun range. Amazing. In sum the 7th circuit says: Kendall’s…decision reflects misunderstandings about the nature of the plaintiffs’ harm, the structure of this kind of constitutional claim, and the proper decision method for evaluating alleged infringements of Second Amendment rights.