Turner — Inplications for Civil Gideon, the Use of Unbundled Legal Services to Provide Access, and the Lawywers Practice Monopoly

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  1. I think that you haven’t fairly characterized Turner’s case. Assuming that Turner paid the first four times isn’t warranted. Discussion of the threat of incarceration for child-support debt tends to assume that the threat extracts money from the threatened child-support debtor, rather than from others who care deeply about him. That assumption defies common sense, demeans child-support debtors’ personal relations, and imagines them as isolated, unloved individuals.

    Moreover, as John Pollock’s post points out, some courts have ruled that willful inability to pay cannot directly result from drug addiction.

    Turner had sex with Rogers when he was 18, she was 16, and they were unmarried. The legal results for Turner have been truly awful. Having sex without intending to be a parent is not unusual. Drug problems are common. Lack of sympathy for Turner seems to be prevalent. That deserves close examination.