The Obama DOJ and the Voting Rights Act

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2 Responses

  1. androcles says:

    This prediction does not speak well for the integrity of the Justice Department. Nor does it square with what I read have been lawsuits against Justice by a county in AL and private citizens in Kinston, NC.

    Is there evidence that the Justice Department has been either (a) complaisant or (b) aggressive in any area of voting rights act enforcement?

  2. Michael Pitts says:

    Integrity or intelligence? It might be smart to pick and choose one’s battles. And perhaps it’s possible to make legal distinctions between state and local redistricting. Moreover, without contending that this is what happened, some would say that DOJ was complacent with the Georgia voter registration preclearance decision. In addition, to the extent that politics enters into the picture, that’s just the reality in any administration, and there may not be anything wrong with politics playing some role in decision-making by executive officials.