Scoring Ourselves to Economic Death

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3 Responses

  1. A.J. Sutter says:

    A midrash on your post, in tweet-sized parashot:

    “Scoring Ourselves to Economic Death” — OT1H, why just economic and not also social? OTOH, apt, if taken to mean the colonization by economics of all spheres of the life-world.

    “Now, they may feel pressured to do all of these things as a matter of economic necessity.” — which suggests there’s something wrong with our economic system.

    “What’s troubling is the trend’s implications for society and culture.” — Yes, such as the expunging of the qualitative from sociality.

    “I imagine there’s more to this influence score story” — such as that it might reflect something just a skosh pathological about the contemporary American obsession with markets, do you think?

  2. F Fisher says:

    Current “reputation” measuring services assume a quantity-based centrality of the social graph.

    Real reputation is quality based. Any business bet on a quantity-based centrality is very risky.

    Activity does not equal influence.

  3. Danielle Citron says:

    Great comments, thanks so much. Absolutely, A.J., I should have added social to the title. The more I chew on this, the more I worry about how this will reinforce social hierarchy rather than destabilize it and exacerbate digital divide concerns. Thanks!