Another Day, Another Sexting Politician

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6 Responses

  1. shg says:

    “no matter how old we men get, we are all still 12 year old boys inside…”

    Speak for yourself.

  2. Ari Waldman says:

    @shg: thank you for your comment. fair enough. i should not have used slight of hand to encompass all men. “some men will always be 12 year old boys inside” would have been more appropriate.

  3. Jerry E. Stephens says:

    I hope you will explore the line “we are both virtual and physical beings now” a little further. Certainly many of us are not technologically adept. And the case may very well be that the virtual has overtaken the ability of many of us to control (or limit) how we are presented to the world. Even involuntarily presented?

  4. Ari Waldman says:

    @jerry: thank you for your comment. that is precisely what my current project is, in part, about. this is definitely something i will come back to. more shortly!

  5. ABG says:

    Although the whole affair smacks of poor judgment and dishonesty, the “inappropriateness” of Weiner’s underlying behavior appears unquestioned in the resulting discussions, and I think it’s important (and way beyond the scope of a comments thread) to unpack exactly where the impropriety lies. Is it a form of infidelity, because online and offline flirting are/should be deemed equivalent? Or is it simply immoral, regardless of relationship status, to display sexual images of oneself online? These are highly debatable questions that should not be glossed over. Very much look forward to hearing more!

  6. Dee says:

    Not a lawyer, so I kind of feel like a sneak whenever Concurring Opinions post pops up on my feed, but here’s my question: What’s the difference between online flirting and looking at porn? By no means do I condone Weiner’s actions, but since he hasn’t done anything physically wrong (as far as we know) and none of the women charged him with harassment or assault, really, what is the big deal? Lastly, I think that your last point, “The operative question is whether evidence of digital hanky-panky, without even a hint of actual infidelity or inappropriateness in real life, is enough wrongdoing in these and other contexts,” is an important one in this context and in potential divorces, etc. But why can’t we exist differently virtually? Hope some clarification comes soon! Not because I want to share pics on the Internets. . . .

    (Btw, I am NOT a man, but my mind worked just like a twelve year old boy or girl’s when this scandal came out. Or a college kid’s? Or a dirty old man’s mind? Randy old woman? Whatever.)