Age Is More Than a Number: Viewing Our Students Through Generational Research — Book Reviews of Twenge’s Generation Me and Twenge and Campbell’s The Narcissism Epidemic

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3 Responses

  1. I would invite you to visit our website for a presentation of the other side of this issue in several different articles.

    1. We have ‘dueling researchers’ (Twenge and Trzesniewski) talking about their opposing views on Gen Y/The Millennials.

    2. And then a comprehensive literature review on what we REALLY know about this generation–are they more narcissistic based on the literature? Or is Twenge presenting a skewed perspective?

    The Jury Expert takes understanding cultural changes/shifts seriously. We think our publications offer a more holistic perspective than Twenge’s work in isolation. Visit our current issue by going to

    Rita Handrich, Editor, The Jury Expert

  2. AMG says:

    This is an awful tragegy. The babyboomers inherited the most advanced and prosperous nation in the world, and looted not only all they were given, but they looted from their children as well. And you see this obnoxiously narcissistic attitude not only in your dealings with the boomers, but in their articles as well. Here, a Thomas Cooley law professor (Thomas Cooley is widely known to be an utter scam of a law school, where faculty have essentially conspired to defraud naive college graduates, as well as the government who guarantees their student loans), any way, a Thomas Cooley law professor has the gall to actually blame the people she victimizes. It’s the perfect microcosm of the boomers. They will never admit the wrongs they committed or the harms they’ve done, like all sociopaths they will fight to the end, until finally the world will hopefully be rid of this parasitic wretch of a generation.

  3. John Burgess says:

    As an early boomer, I’ll take great exception to the cartoon characterization AMG provides. Not only did I undertake a career in public service–at a lower salary that I could have obtained in the private sector (in fact, took a cut in my private sector salary to go into public service)–but raised a son to be gainfully employed. He graduated four years go with no debt (thanks to parental sacrifice), went to Hollywood a month after graduation, and found himself a writing job (his choice) that continues to pay his bills and more.

    I’m not a tighwad, but see nothing wrong in driving a 15-y/o car that was too efficient to meet Cash-4-Clunkers–I saved you money, there. You’re welcome.

    Because of my age and employer, I do not and will not draw on Social Security. I have private health insurance–as does my son–and Medicare is useless to me, offering less benefit for more money than I actually pay.

    Quit harshing on the Boomers and accept responsibility for making bad decision. Are some Boomers greedy idiots? I’m sure some are, just as I’m sure that not all Millenials are whiney, self-absorbed snowflakes with entitlement issues. The more I read comments like the above, the less sure I am of this latter assumption.