Teaching Materials for Practicum Courses

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  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    I’d love to see the materials. I note that Lexis has a whole new series called “Skills and Values” with some wonderful new titles. One is Contracts, by William Woodward of Temple and Candace Zierdt of Stetson). It is short in length but packed with amazing depth.

  2. Paula Schaefer says:

    I had a similar experience creating materials for an e-discovery pretrial litigation class when I could find no prepackaged materials that would allow for realistic e-discovery. I wrote about the simulation I created in an article that is forthcoming in the Nevada Law Journal. The article (and links to simulation materials and course syllabus) are available at ssrn. The article can be found at http://ssrn.com/abstract=1676976. It is titled, “Injecting Law Student Drama Into the Classroom: Transforming an E-Discovery Class (or Any Law School Class) with a Complex, Student-Generated Simulation.”

  3. Tina Stark says:

    The lack of materials is a very real problem. In the absence of textbooks, as a short-term solution, Emory has created the Emory Exchange for Transactional Training. The website has available for download exercises made available by professors teaching skills in both transactional doctrinal and practicum courses. If you would like access to these materials, e-mail Edna Patterson at Emory who will arrange for a username and password. edna.patterson@emory.edu.
    Here’s the URL for the site:

  4. David Young-Cheol Jeong says:

    It would be appreciated if you would send me the materials. As I moved from 20+ years practice to teaching four years ago, I am new to doctrines or theories. Thus, I spent about one third of my M&A course on M&A Contract structure, drafting, and negotiations. I also gave several memorandum/brief writing projects to my students at corporate law course. For corporate compliance and venture capital courses, I need insights.

  5. Jessica Erickson says:

    I have (finally!) sent the materials to all who requested them. And thanks for the reference to the Lexis materials. I think these materials are great — I just wish they would have them for upper-level courses such as tax, employment law, sentencing, etc. as well. I do think an upper-level contracts or civ pro course that focused on application would be a real benefit to the curriculum though, and these books could be a real asset to the professors who teach them. David, you may want to check out Prof. Maynard and Warren’s Business Planning text. I am not sure that it has specific compliance or venture capital materials, but it may provide some help.

  6. Sarah Ricks says:

    Carolina Academic Press also has recognized the need to provide law teachers with practical teaching materials that integrate the teaching of skills and doctrine. The new Context and Practice Series is designed and edited by Michael Hunter Schwartz with input from Gerry Hess: http://www.cap-press.com/p/CAP

    Each casebook has a rich Teacher’s Manual, filled with practical exercises, sample exams, and suggested teaching methods.

    My own book in the series is Current Issues in Constitutional Litigation: A Context and Practice Casebook (Carolina Academic Press 2011)
    Here’s the catalogue: http://www.cap-press.com/isbn/9781594604270

    The Teacher’s Manual is over 400 pages.

    To further help teachers, my casebook has a companion website including relevant YouTube video, video of guest speakers, and other teaching materials, always being updated: http://constitutionallitigation.rutgers.edu/

    Here is a sample chapter: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1744353

  7. Mark Williams says:

    I would sincerely appreciate a copy of the materials. Thank you very much.

  8. Jeff Wilder says:

    Thank you for sharing your information. I would love to see your materials it would really help me plan my courses for my music classes.

    Thank You

    Jeff Wilder