“Low-Cost” Baccalaureate Degrees: Will You Soon Pay for What You Get, at Least in Texas?

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2 Responses

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    “I doubt that anyone wants to be treated by a physician with a low-cost medical degree”

    Why not? Heck, I went to college, (electrical engineering) back in the 70’s, and even then you could see that most of the money being spent by the university on campus had nothing to do with actually delivering an education. Even then you could calculate a reasonable cost for an education, based on teachers’ salaries and reasonable facilities, and figure that tuition could have been a lot lower. Given that inflation in tuition has vastly exceeded inflation in instructors’ salaries, this has only gotten worse.

    Granted, the campus was very nice, and that new sports facility was spectacular, but we could have gotten as good an *education* in a trailer park, at half the cost.

    “and language or classic departments and/or programs are gutted with little thought about their educational value.”

    Perhaps they’ll be gutted with considerable attention to their educational value.

  2. frankcross says:

    Fortunately, I think this is old news. The university and prominent alumni have fought back and stopped the process, at least for the time being. But perhaps Perry’s retreat is merely a strategic one