The Glass Castle

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2 Responses

  1. Jimbino says:

    There are still almost no Blacks, Hispanics or Native Americans, and certainly no poor folks, among the tourists at our numerous national parks and forests.

    We should either sell them off to the Chinese or start busing minorities and poor there so they can start enjoying the national treasures of which they are part owners.

    Our socialist gummint is racist and elitist, if anything, and regularly transfers wealth from the poor to the rich by means of national park country clubs, social security and public education.

  2. I must have read a different “The Glass Castle.” In the book that I read, the parents were suffering from at least alcoholism and possible mental disorders. The children do not seem to blame lack of social services for their plight, but their parents’ utter refusal to negotiate any type of social or economic structure for the children’s well-being. Perhaps their neighbors could have benefitted from intervention, and perhaps the children could have snuck one free lunch a day, but I seriously doubt that the parents in that book would have either accepted or tolerated intervention. I’m certain the parents would not have filled out paperwork for their children to get free lunch, for example. The chidlren also were not developmentally behind because of the lack of free preschool, either. In my read, the book was an example of exceptionally poor parenting, not exceptionally poor government institutions. Particularly when we learn that the mother has at all times owned property in Texas worth a few million dollars, even when she was too busy painting to find food for her children, it’s hard to see where any social services would have given the author a better childhood. I am not saying that life isn’t better with a social safety net, but these parents sought out life without a net for their own misguided purposes.