Randomization, Intake Systems, and Triage

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  1. Jim Greiner says:

    Hi, Jaya, thanks very much for writing!

    We agree with essentially all you say here. To respond to your specific question regarding what HLAB’s decision making process was prior to the study, there was a balancing of a variety of factors. I don’t think I can speak with 100% clarity here, but I know that some of the factors included were the time of the year (lots of HLAB student-attorneys looking for experiences such as the unemployment ALJ hearing early in the semester); the pedagogical value of the case; and whether the client had some set of characteristics (e.g., needing an interpreter) that suggested particular need.

    In response to the study, we made several suggestions for HLAB to consider. One of them was to think about applying some potential client “screens” (see Margaret Monsell post and our response) and, upon deciding what to try out, to conduct another evaluation. The idea is, obviously, to see if a different mix of clients might lead to discernible and positive representation (offer or actual use) effects. We think this along the lines of what you’re suggesting here.

    Thanks again!!

    Jim and Cassandra