Ammori on Assange, Free Speech, and Wikileaks

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1 Response

  1. Maryland Conservatarian says:

    I would not accord any special priviliges to someone just because they draw a paycheck from the likes of the NY Times. If, instead of documents, Assange had taken delivery of a clearly marked US Army jeep from a private assigned to the motor pool, would your answer be any different? What if Assange, rather than seeing to the documents’ general publication, had instead “published” them in private memos to interested individuals – do his actions become less protection-worthy?
    …and just how extensive do his “journalistic” actions have to be to merit such protections?
    My bottom line: illegal actions should not protected just because some schmo sets up a website and types away…or is performed in the employ of a publicly-traded corp. A vaguely-defined press should not have more rights than the citizenry at large.