The Year in Privacy Books 2010

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6 Responses

  1. The link to Privacy Books 2008 leads to a 404 Error Page.

  2. Michael says:

    So much to read, so little time…

  3. Daniel Solove says:

    John — that’s odd. I just tested the link and got the correct page. Don’t know why you’re getting the error.

  4. Bruce Boyden says:

    It seems clear to me that privacy books have the best covers!

    Re: the link, there appears to be an extraneous 2010/archives/ in it. Delete that and it works.

  5. Daniel Solove says:

    Bruce — I’m still not seeing the problem with the link.

    Here’s the link when I select “copy link location” from Windows:

  6. Daniel Solove says:

    I just re-pasted the link into the post and saved again. Hopefully it works this time for some folks.