Book Review: Hirschl’s Constitutional Theocracy

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1 Response

  1. John Hughes says:

    “Moreover, if this was all power and class, one should also be able to explain how religion gets enshrined in the constitution in the first place. The elites might resort to tools of constitutionalism to keep theocracy in check successfully when it is already established, but his thesis does not explain why they cannot prevent its rise in the first place”

    with respect, it seems to be a pretty obvious supposition of his work that the elites rely on religion to “legitimize” their rule, just as the european heads of state used to rely on the catholic church as a prop of legitimacy. in other words, they gave their regimes a religious appearance in order to combat the perception of illegitimacy that could lead to revolution… for instance, the revolutions which broke out across the arab world shortly after the publication of this book.