Compared to What: Voting Technologies

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  1. “and paper ballots bring a long history of tampering and corruption.”

    Yeah, and I suppose putting colored stones in a jar has an even longer history of tampering and corruption. That length of history compared to newer modes of voting is purely a function of them being newer. That said, I agree with Epstein about the best system currently out there.

    And I should note that, when a lot of people say “paper ballot”, optical scan is exactly what they mean. A physical ballot that the voter marks with some writing utensil is still a paper ballot, even if it gets optically scanned.

    The fact that elections officials find them a bit inconvenient should count for precisely nothing. Who did yo suppose was DOING that tampering and corruption? A significant faction of elections officials are going to oppose any voting scheme that makes vote rigging more difficult, just exactly because it does.

    I’d go so far as to say that, with any voting scheme, the primary group of people you have to make it secure against are the people implementing it.