Has the Future of the Internet happened?

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  1. nommh says:

    Thanks for that article. I’m not exactly internet savvy, but I do know that the comparison with other technologies and the internet is surprising, to say the least. Very few of the society changing technologies of the past were within reach of the individual. With the internet it is ‘just’ software. No railroad tracks to lay, no telephone cables to bury, no costly equipment to broadcast your news.
    I’m a little confused about the Lessig quote from 2.0. Why should we claim democratic rights in an area where politics notoriously struggle to keep up with developments. An area that started out with this freedom more or less intact. Does Lessig wish us to see these freedoms erode first and then ask for them back?
    So Lessig’s idea is problematic, even if our democracies were perfect – which they are not.