What Will Be the Defining Idea of the Coming Decade?

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3 Responses

  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    Daniel, I’m afraid this will sound contentious, and I apologize in advance, because I agree that the issue you mention–what to do about the conflict between information and “privacy”–is an important one. Nevertheless, I think you missed the decade.

    That issue is already in the forefront of our thinking, thanx to the creative developments of the decade just ending. Those engineers who say that “search is only 5% solved” are just that–engineers–who naturally think their engineering advances are what makes the world go round. The world-changing decade of the “atomic age” wasn’t the fifties, when we proliferated hydrogen bombs of incalculable power. It was the forties, when physicists unleashed the power of the atom, even though it was only 1% as powerful as the later weapons.

    My opinion is that the defining idea of the coming decade will be insistence on foresight, responsibility and accountability. The costs of “oops…sorry” are becoming far too great to continue to respond with “Oh, you’re sorry? OK, try to do better next time.”

  2. “the defining idea of the coming decade”

    There are many.
    At the top for Americans could be the question:

    “Why are people allowed to [electronically/virtually] walk unabated into their cyberspace?” Yet, those same people would be labeled terrorists and show up on “no-fly lists” in meat-space.