Victoria Nourse and the 7th Circuit

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3 Responses

  1. Former Emory Law Student says:

    Are you kidding me? That woman was despised by most of the Emory faculty and especially by her students. I cannot believe this blatant ass-kssing. Please, for your own self-respect and for what might possibly remain of Emory’s reputation, remove this article.

  2. Another former Emory law student says:

    Professor Kang is right. The previous commenter was obviously not impressed, but his or her experience was very different from mine. I took one of Professor Nourse’s seminars and found it to be fantastic. She was always a thoughtful, hardworking teacher and a dedicated advocate of her students. She’s a first-rate scholar and will be a fantastic judge.

  3. Another Former Emory Law Student says:

    I agree with Professor Kang. I took two classes with Victoria Nourse during my time at Emory. I found her to be insightful and inspiring. The two professors for whom I worked had similar respect for Professor Nourse. She was one of the few professors I had who could explain seminal cases from multiple angles (legally, historically, politically, etc.) without making her explanations seem contrived. I do not know what type of experience the first commenter had with Professor Nourse. However, I hope that readers here recognize that the opinion of one student at 1:00am does not represent the opinion of the majority of Professor Nourse’s former students and colleagues.