On the Stem Cell Injunction

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5 Responses

  1. CD in DC says:

    sounds like someone with an ax to grind against Judge Lamberth? Try Stan Sporkin if you want a real winner, didn’t know if he was speaking English or Yiddish. Maybe you have something against fat people, but DC circuit won’t overturn him, too big to flip over.

  2. Glenn Cohen says:

    Quite the contrary, CD, I am grateful to Judge Lamberth for giving me some of the most exciting cases I worked on while at the Justice Department. A number of my favorite “war stories” I tell in Civ Pro emanated from his decisions — there is nothing like scrambling to get a motion for a stay before the D.C. Circuit when your client cabinet department faces the prospect of completely untethering itself from the internet without swift action. While, for the reasons stated, I don’t find his legal analysis here very persuasive, and I think he may be more willing than the average judge to grant headline-making injunctions against the government, as I said I think him a very able judge and certainly one who is not afraid to take chances to move the law where he thinks it ought to go.

  3. Alice Thomas says:

    I only wish that everyone who stops embryonic stem cell research would have to care for a loved one who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s – even Nancy Reagan supported embryonic stem cell research after watching Ronald Reagan die of this horrible affliction. I cared for a loved one for 5 years 24-7 and that, in itself, is cruel and unusual punishment — to have to watch someone die just a little every day and be powerless to stop it.

    The embryos used are excess ones created in in vitro fertilization clinics which, obviously, are not going to be frozen forever. They can only be used with the permission of their donors. How much more humane and Christian to use these “will-be-disgarded” embryos to help those afflicted with these horrible diseases rather than simply destroy them without helping others.

  4. Keith says:

    CD in DC – You must be the same CDinDC in WhoMurderedRobertWone.com. How sharp toungue you are.

  5. Eric says:

    Keith – “CDinDC, CD in DC, cdindc” are everywhere including WhoMurderedRobertWone.com. He/she is probably has one of the parents who is famous, in mid 20s (10 or 20 years ago), employed or not but spend 2/3 of his/her time on the blog(s), has nothing better to do than blogging full-time. In other words, he/she is a blog addict, and can’t go on a day without biting somebody on the net.