Republicans Come Out of Hiding

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3 Responses

  1. Frank Pasquale says:

    I’m just surprised there is any “straight reporting” on this outlandish claim of McConnell’s. His strategy is just to chew up the clock until the midterms. The headline should be “McConnell comes up with unconvincing rationale to try to delay Kagan’s appointment,” not “McConnell says Kagan is biased.”

  2. Ken Rhodes says:

    Three days ago, in the thread titled “McConnell Doesn’t Rule Out a Kagan Filibuster,” I wrote this:

    “This is purely Politics 101. McConnell raises the spectre of the dreaded filibuster, sowing the seeds of doubt in the minds of White House staffers who are supposed to walk Kagan’s nomination through with a minimum of fuss and bother. In return for subsequently promising not to do what he was never going to do anyway, McConnell extracts some concessions from the White House on one or more totally unrelated issues, which were his real target all along.”

    Bryan Gividen made an even-handed reply which I truly wanted to believe:

    “Ken, I think you attach too much deviousness to the Senator. …etc.”

    Sadly, it increasingly seems that my cynicism was well-placed.

  3. “and frankly all senators, both Republican and Democrat — apparently needs to remember is that lawyers are supposed to be zealous advocates for their clients’ interests.”

    OTOH, people who habitually say that need to remember that a lawyer who is willing to zealously advocate ANY position, as long as the check clears, is something of a sociopath. One hopes there comes a position where a lawyer will abandon the client.

    Not saying it applies in this case, but as a general observation.

    And, of course, as a policy advisor, the excuse is even less comprehensive. As a policy advisor for a client she chose to work for, having in advance some idea of the client’s aims, it’s virtually non-existent.