“Deal” Reached on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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5 Responses

  1. What a remarkable effort at damage control! The facts described above sound more like Obama is doing all he can to drag out repeal of DADT as much as possible without actually coming out and telling his ‘gay’ supporters to take a hike. Given that Obama depends much more on the black vote than the ‘gay’ vote, and the black vote is remarkably homophobic, is this any surprise?

    Next you’ll paint the guy as a champion of same sex marriage…

  2. Darren Hutchinson says:

    Brett: I advise you to read this post again with an open eye.

    First, I am black, gay and an advocate of LGBT rights. So even if one were to accept your anecdotal description of blacks, it does not apply to me.

    Second (and more importantly), I have criticized the Obama administration’s stance on gay rights (including DADT and same-sex marriage) both on my blog (Dissenting Justice) and in my scholarship.

    Finally (and most importantly), this essay was not meant to do damage control for the White House. Instead, it describes the politics behind the deal.

  3. It describes an implausibly exculpatory version of the politics behind the deal, anyway…

  4. Darren Hutchinson says:

    Brett: Could you be more specific? Your interpretation is certainly not what I intended (or wrote).