Unmasking a Judge’s Anonymity: Saffold v. Plain Dealer Publishing Co.

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4 Responses

  1. Jacqui Lipton says:

    There’s actually been some good coverage of the case on WCPN in Cleveland. I was interviewed for a story last night along with Judge Saffold’s lawyer. See http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/news/30307/ for transcript and Podcast. Also, there was a discussion yesterday morning on The Sound of Ideas on WCPN: http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/soi/30287

  2. Andra Robertson says:

    If she in fact did post the comments, I think she will have trouble demonstrating that the newspaper’s revelations proximately caused her alleged damages. It’s true that the revelation of her identity is probably a “but-for” cause of her reputational damage. But if a court finds that the comments violated the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct, I would think it may also find that the improper conduct–not its revelation by the newspaper–was the legal cause of the alleged damages. (If she didn’t actually post the comments, of course, then her claim is much stronger).