The Gospel of Generativity

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3 Responses

  1. Mnch says:

    I like Johnson, but he leaves off the bookend to Zittrain’s notion of generativity – the tethered appliance. It’s great, I guess, that app designers have a platform for innovation, but I fail to see how this could persuade someone from believing in open platforms.

    Basically he seems to be saying, in analogous terms, “but look at all these great tv shows you can use to make your television do things it couldn’t before.” That’s fine, but I’d rather have two things. The first is an open platform where I can make the changes on the back end so that my own device operates the way I want it to. Second, the ability to alter how I view the Internet through that device.

    What is better the thousands of add-ons for Firefox, or the thousands of apps for the iphone/ipad? I’m sure it is blogtastic that you can get your Zagat’s guide in the palm of your hand, and that you can get served up hot fresh iAd notices when you are walking down the street. Personally, I’d rather the option to turn off javascript, block ads and the like. I want (some semblance of) control over my Internet experience, not a version that forces me to rely on what some creators give me for $2.99 a download.