Ambivalent about the Boobquake

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7 Responses

  1. A.J. Sutter says:

    I think you’re over-thinking this, particularly about the “boobquake” per se (if not necessarily the boob-ish media coverage). What would be more acceptable to you, Mr. Wenger?

    Moreover, what do you mean by worrying about the “objectification of existing gender hierarchy norms”? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to worry that the protest reinforces the objectification of existing gender hierarchy, full stop, or else that it simply reinforces existing gender hierarchy norms? Aren’t you taking post-modern Angst a bit too far?

  2. “And the media fascination with the boobquake further fuels my ambivalence. There are now a half dozen media stories on the topic…”

    Plus at least one featured posting at a prominent legal blog…

    And, for the record, I am not at all conflicted on this.

  3. BL1Y says:

    The reason you’re ambivalent about this is because contemporary feminism does not have well grounded principles. When you get away from the big issues on which all reasonable people agree (women should get to vote, genital mutilation is bad, etc), feminism can be used to argue both sides of most anything.

    Women displaying their bodies is good, because they are demonstrating ownership of themselves and are free to choose to display or not display their bodies. The display is liberating to women.

    Women displaying their bodies is bad, because they are reinforcing the notion that women are mere objects to be oggled and not full people, and the display of their bodies causes men to look down on women who are less attractive or more prudish. The display is oppressive to women.

    [Look up the “If By Whiskey” speech on Wikipedia.]

    So, here’s the answer…if you’re worried about women’s bodies belonging to a repressed patriarchal structure, you should also be worried about women’s bodies belonging to a tyrannical elite feminist structure. Having your sexuality dictated to you by a woman isn’t much better than having it dictated to you by a man (and sometimes much worse, depending on the man and the woman).

    Liberation means liberation from all oppressive groups. It does not mean running from the Ikea Culture just to mindlessly follow Tyler Durden.

  4. JD says:

    “objectification of existing gender hierarchy norms”

    Does your mother know you write like this?

  5. Logan says:

    There was a 6.5 earthquake off the coast of Taiwan yesterday (Boobquake day). Not saying correlation is causation but there was an earthquake.

  6. BL1Y says:

    The earthquake hit at 11:00am Taiwan time, which is about 11:00pm (the day before) Eastern time (we’re in day light time now, right? I forget how that works, but 10:00pm if we’re in standard time). So, the quake hit well before Boobquake began.