Rising From the Ashes, Again

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2 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    My first-hand experience in Atlanta mostly consists of air-port transfers and driving through the city the day that Fred McGriff set the stadium on fire many years ago, but the last bit Glaeser mentions points me towards something about it that would worry me if I were to rank it as a great city. Sprawl seems to be awful for cities, especially when they are dependent on car travel, and density is usually great for them. Does Atlanta manage to be dense enough to support good culture, and to avoid the dead centers that are common in cities that sprawl for miles, with most people living outside them and coming in to the core only for work?

  2. Robert Ahdieh says:

    Clearly sprawl and traffic are huge issues for the city. On the other hand, the revitalization of the in-town neighborhoods over the last decade has really been quite remarkable, in turning the “inner city” neighborhoods in vibrants nodes of food and culture. That’s not to deny that issues of inadequate public transportation and the city’s sprawl won’t be big challenges for the city. It seems, though, to have nonetheless managed to have a vibrant in-town life.