The Month Ahead: War, Rights, Travel

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  1. As usual, Mr. Kinsley distorts the views of those he disagrees with (or at least wants to appear to disgaree with). For many of us, the eye roll is not that Umar won’t get his just desserts (although he probably won’t) but rather at the instant default to treat this as a criminal activity rather than an act of war. As others have noted, Umar’s antics suggest that he probably had some help with this caper – would it really have offended our national sensibilities to have whisked him away for questioning about this BEFORE he got to speak to some lawyer? Do we really want to encourage those who hate us (for being us) to perform such acts here and enjoy our now-sanctioned rights for would-be terrorists?
    Most people don’t find this to be a complex issue..but then, unlike the learned Mr. Kinsley, most haven’t enjoyed the “benefits” of three years at Harvard Law.