A Splendid Exchange

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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    On containerization, let me recommend Marc Levinson’s terrific book The Box. It’s highly readable but sufficiently scholarly and does not just explain the rise of container shipping but does a lot to explain how this had huge impacts on places like New York and London (that lost out on shipping, for various reasons) and on the communities that formerly worked on ships and docs. Very interesting stuff.
    (Amusingly, the anti-sp*m word here is “ikea”.)

  2. Nate Oman says:

    Matt: Thanks for the heads up on the Levinson’s book. I found Bernstein’s discussion of shifts in shipping technology fascinating.

  3. Nate,

    Your discussion of this book reminded me of Hal Cook’s masterful A Matter of Exchange, which links some of the key developments in the early modern era in terms of the history of medicine and science in the Western world to the political economy of the Dutch Republic. It has won a bunch of awards and is a truly remarkable book.

  4. Lawrence Solum says:

    Very interesting. I did not know about the ICC part of the story–that explains a lot!