In Support of Activist Officiating

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1 Response

  1. Mike Dimino says:

    In hockey, we used to be encouraged to engage in that kind of activism. In the third period of a close game, players could get away with much more than at other times. And a team that was trailing was typically given more freedom than was the team that led. Now we’re supposed to call penalties without using that kind of discretion, and I think it has made for a less enjoyable game.
    I think the analogy to law fails, however, even if one were to agree with me that activist sports officiating is acceptable. The reason, as Adam points out, is that sports is entertainment. Making the game close makes for a more enjoyable experience. In law, however, where one has a right to the proper outcome, favoring the underdog is producing injustice in the name of equality. I don’t care as much about justice in sports; I want to have fun.