Ed Baker

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3 Responses

  1. Marc Blitz says:


    Thanks for the great tribute to a wonderful professor and scholar. I was also lucky enough to have him as a teacher — in one of the best classes I had in law school (and in fact, in all of my graduate education). It was a seminar was on First Amendment theory that he taught as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago. The discussions in that class, which often continued out in the hallways, had a powerful effect on my scholarly interests. They also led me to discover Ed Baker’s extraordinary thinking and writing on the First Amendment, which I still find myself drawing upon in virtually every article I write.

    I reestablished contact with him just as I was headed back to academia: On my way back from New York to Washington, DC, the year I was on the market, I took the only open seat I could find on an Amtrak train and was surprised to find I was sitting next to him. After reminding him of the seminar I took with him four years earlier, he immediately picked up where he left off, engaging, with the same intellectual sharpness and passion as always, in a wide-ranging discussion of First Amendment theory and political philosophy. He also generously offered mentoring and help in preparing for academia. I was fortunate enough to have other spirited discussions with him at the AALS and other conferences in the four years I’ve been a professor and will very much miss those exchanges. Again, thanks for this post. I was one of the students whose lives were touched by Ed Baker and your post gives me an opportunity to acknowledge that and to join in honoring his legacy as a teacher and scholar.

  2. Alex Kreit says:


    Thank you so much for adding these wonderful comments. My apologies for not replying sooner to them, I’ve been out of town and off of my computer this past weekend. Reading about your Amtrak experience brought a smile to my face. Ed Baker was truly a one-of-a-kind scholar and teacher.

  3. Nancy Baker says:

    Thank you for your remarks about my brother, Ed. One of the things that gave him great pleasure was to know that he had encouraged students to think about democracy and liberty. Reading these comments is a genuine comfort.

    Although the details are still being worked out, there will be a public Memorial Service for Ed on Jan. 31 in New York.

    Nancy Baker