Legal TV Review

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6 Responses

  1. J.A. Bohrer says:

    You are quite correct in your analysis. However, real medicine like real law, makes for some pretty average drama.

  2. Bruce Boyden says:

    I quit watching in the first season because of the repeated and serious ethics violations — mostly lack of informed consent, or really any consent whatsoever.

  3. In Chase’s defence, the episode did make clear that, in the wake of the Bashir-character’s death, moderates had taken over the government…

  4. Len Rotman says:


    There is one possible answer that you did not consider — that the producer/writers are lawyers and are deliberately portraying events in this manner with complete knowledge of the problematic aspects you identify (in order to generate precisely the discussion that you are engaging in). Supporting this hypothesis is the fact that David Shore, the creator/producer/writer of House, is a law graduate from the University of Toronto.

    For more info., see

    Happy watching,


  5. Jon Siegel says:

    Len, I think that’s right as to the latest murder. I don’t think it applies so much to the assaults, kidnappings, torts, and Title VII violations. I think those were just plot-driven devices thrown in without regard to legal impact.

  6. ricey says:

    awwww. please don’t spoil the fun.