Disturbances in the Blogosphere

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3 Responses

  1. At times it seems the biggest fear within the Federal Government is that somewhere someone is doing something and the Feds don’t have oversight (and I suspect that much of the CO community believes this to be a rational fear).

  2. The big point of the new Guidelines on Section 5 was the removal of the safe harbor for testimonials which are outliers. No longer can an advertiser be assured that a) he can use an outlier, and b) the standard disclaimer clause will be an absolute defence.

    See my article: http://www.bizop.ca/blog2/due-diligence/testimonials-and-disclaimers.html

  3. Law Student says:

    I think much of the issue taken with this new guideline is that it is a swipe at new media and bloggers. This doesnt regulate traditional media people at news papers who receive books to review etc. It plays into this notion that bloggers are incredibly unethical and news paper reporters are spotless. this is clearly not the case. read the attempts to justify this provision,


    and kos’ takedown