An ode to The Wire

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5 Responses

  1. Howard Wasserman says:

    I wrote something a few months ago on the show, saying I wish they had come back for a sixth season focused more on the judicial system, because they seemed to have been the one group that could have portrayed the judicial system on TV with even a modicum of accuracy. I have shown the Omar trial scene to my Evidence class; it has great examples of various modes of impeachment.

  2. John Ip says:

    Thanks Howard, although it appears that we may disagree over which season was the greatest. One of my colleagues who teaches evidence also uses the Omar/Levy exchange in class – I should go along once to gauge the class reaction.

  3. Bruce Boyden says:

    I haven’t seen The Wire — it’s on my “To Watch” list — but I’m a huge fan of Homicide, the TV series. I’m curious whether the character “Bunk,” whoever that is, is related to Junior Bunk: (warning — massive spoiler at that link)

  4. Ralf Michaels says:

    Law and literature indeed.
    Imani Perry of the Center for African American Studies here at Princeton (and formerly a Professor at Rutgers Law) has a law-and-literature-style draft on the third season entitled “6 Boys: Who Learned on the Corner When Headstart Wasn’t Enough” for a special issue of a journal dedicated to the Wire.

  5. iba says:

    I am actually going to write a paper on The Wire for a Law and Literature academic course, focusing on the relationship between justice, authorities and the street. if you have any link or idea on the topic you would like to share with me, it’d be useful
    thank you!