Scandal and Conflict of Interest in Formula One

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2 Responses

  1. FormerF1Marshal says:

    Stepneygate had nothing on this — that was just spying, which has gone on forever in F1. McLaren just got caught. What Piquet Jr. did not only damages the reputation of F1 and ties the sport up in yet another scandal, but he also put lives at risk — and not just his own, but also the lives of spectators, marshals, and fellow drivers who might have gone over carbon shreds and had their own accidents. I hope that Singapore officials do consider criminal charges in this incident.

    Briatore, Symonds, and Piquet Jr. should all be banned for life as far as I’m concerned and I’m sorry the FIA gave Piquet Jr. full immunity in exchange for testimony. I’m equally sorry to see the Piquet name tarnished this way.

    As to the conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest aspects, it would be nice if the FIA deals with it, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they sidestep that for now while they deal with the immediate mess of whether to allow Renault to continue in F1 and if so, under what terms.