More on Campaign Finance Reform

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2 Responses

  1. Gerard Magliocca says:


    Good post. I am, of course, not approaching this topic with any special expertise. It’s more of a curmudgeonly reaction. People have made lots of promises about campaign finance reform for decades that haven’t borne out, which is one reason that I’m skeptical about the entire project.

    • Michael Kang says:


      Of course, I understand. I intended my comments at the end purely as a friendly reaction. I think it’s fair to say that people on both sides of the issue share some of your exasperation about the current state of affairs. There’s a lively exchange available here between Larry Lessig and Richard Epstein, who have different political perspectives but reach similar conclusions about the problems in campaign finance.

      In addition, audio of today’s oral argument in Citizens United should be available here soon.