Health care systems kill people. So what?

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3 Responses

  1. Nate,

    While I generally agree with the tenor of your post, the fact that iatrogenesis inheres in all health care systems does not licence the conclusion that there are no substantive and ethically important distinctions to be drawn between the prevalence and nature of iatrogenic harm in different health care systems.

    Thus, the well-established fact that a preposterously high percentage of the interventions used and care deployed in the U.S. seems to be of little benefit (if you go by the Dartmouth Atlas evidence, as high as 30-40% in some regions) may be relevant to an ethical analysis of comparative health care systems.

    However, the most important point, once that is currently virtually undiscussed in the reprehensible “discourse” on health care, is the absence of any significant link between the distribution of acute care services and population health. That is, we are obsessed with health care, when what we ought to be talking about is health. We generally assume a tight connection between the two, when robust evidence suggests the connection is extremely weak on the population level.

    Still, if we are determined to discuss health care rather than health, iatrogenesis is certainly relevant, even if horror stories about a particular system killing persons are not substantively as significant as they are often trumpeted to be. Nevertheless, if there is one thing we can definitively say about health care discourse in this country, it is, historically, that narratives are what move people, including horror tales.

  2. SusanS says:

    I don’t think nothing makes a difference follows from this post.

  3. mila says:

    Hi all,

    I just like to remind you about HISTORY.

    My teacher says: after discovering America in 14s
    Europe wanted it to serve as “rubish bin” for less “Noble\”.
    So many of those unfortunate transported people died after they were used for sciantific experimental purposes as part of population control.

    The same happend later to Australia and New Zealand.

    For last 200 years our Health Systems are STRONGLY linked to Law and Bank system and controled by Wall street.

    Your displayed scull is very good example why our dentists are dangerous.

    With dental lobotomis that are in practice
    for more than 100 years we have dentists serving as real “Scull and Bones” members .

    Without dentists acting as disgised canibals it would not be any”R&D”.

    Please tell, me would any of you be prepered to pay for “Preventative Dental Treatment” that would turn out to be one of Mengele’s experiments?

    Stay in good health!