The Burden of Influencing Thought

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  1. A.J. Sutter says:

    Is there some irony in Posner’s position, given that he is a federal judge and yet feels free to pontificate on an ever-expanding variety of subjects? I think that the Levi article Dave linked to, esp. Posner’s comments quoted at 1796-1797 about the thought processes of judges, raise the question of whether Posner always “make[s] clear to the public that [he is] on holiday” from the standards that apply to his role as a judge “and that what they say in their public-intellectual … careers should not be thought identical to their [judicial] views” (quotes are from Posner’s blog post). And I think most readers of this blog would agree, even if ruefully, that judges have a lot more influence on the real world than do academics. So even if you think attacks on Posner’s expertise are ill-based, his hypocrisy may be a better target.