Sample Law Review Submission Cover Letters

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11 Responses

  1. This is much appreciated (by me, at least).

  2. Dave Hoffman says:

    This is a fantastically helpful post. Though I confess to agreeing with Trevor that they are “generally useless except for the name of the school on the letterhead. For people named Cass Sunstein, the signature block likely matters too.” Still, a good letter can’t hurt (can it?) and probably the illusion of control produces certain anxiety-reducing benefits.

  3. Tim Zinnecker says:

    Sarcastic? Moi?

  4. Recent Graduate says:

    Good timing, I’m just about to submit my first article and was looking for some tips regarding the cover letters.

    I’m not sure I’m convinced by your examples, though. I doubt that law review editors would bother to read 4 or 5 dense paragraphs when they can get the same info from the abstract and/or introduction.

    That said, I can’t argue with your results. I guess I should beef up my cover letter. To what extent is it acceptable to copy & paste from the abstract and introduction?

  5. BG Pender II says:

    Exceptional timing! As a new author, I appreciate these samples of cover letters for law journal submissions. After drafting the cover letter, I compared it to my abstract/summary, which is far more succinct than the cover letter. I now wonder whether I should beef up my abstract or leave it alone. Generally, ‘simple and brief’ is more powerful. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  6. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Glad they help. Brevity sells. The cover letter and abstract should stimulate interest in the article, not make all its points (and not repel interest). Three to four sentences should suffice for the abstract. [Of course, all this, IMHO and YMMV.]

  7. Bekki says:

    Thanks for this. As a law student and new author, I really appreciate that you took the time to put these on the web.

  8. Thanks for sharing.. I was looking out for these online and i found your site very help ful

  9. KW says:

    Thank you. This was very helpful.

  10. Yeah that was the information I was looking for, thanks for providing me chance to understand it.