Focusing on Important Matters: Professor Kim Krawiec, Judge Judy, and Jon & Kate Plus 8

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2 Responses

  1. A.W. says:

    mmm, first i didn’t watch jon and kate because the sight of 8 children running wild made me break into the cold sweats.

    now i don’t because bluntly, we are contributing to the disintegration of that family.

    i’m not saying its all TV’s fault, but it contributed, and the reason people are watching now is out of sick voyeurism

  2. Kim Krawiec says:

    lol. Great post! Two confessions: (1) Judge Judy is probably not even the worst show that I watch, and (2) I had never heard of Jon & Kate until my students brought in clips for our “taboo trades & forbidden markets” class last semester. Since then, of course, it’s hard to miss news of them unless you live under a rock (although I’ve still never seen the show). You should do a full “guilty television secrets of law professors” post next. I want to see what other confessions you can get out of people.