The Supreme Court’s Immigration Cases From Last Term

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  1. Thanks for your article. I would like to find a decision on whether a conviccted person can be removed with a conviction that is not final on the groun that on direct appeal of a criminal case, appellate counsel failed to perfect the appeal in violation o says:

    I am happy with the recent decisions. However, I am looking for a decision that particularly deals on my issue, I was convicted in 191on a drug conspiracy. However, my appellate counsel abandoned my direct appeal and caused me to file a pro se appeal without the assistance of counsel, Under the Supreme Court\’s decision in Evitts v. Lucey, Penson v. Ohio, and other land mark case laws, including Ninth Circuit and Fifth Circuit, a conviction is not final if the right to direct appeal was not waived, and the appellant was denied such right to appeal by counsel. Even Immigration statue and case law does support such. However, when I went to Immigration court in Oakdale Louisiana, the IJ erroneously ordered me removed without any law and statute in support. The BIA supported same in ad hoc manner. While on appeal in the Fifth Circuit, I was forced out of the country. I am looking for case laws to support my case. I am presently out of the country and I know my removal was in violation.

  2. A.W. says:

    The only advice i can give you is that lawyers typically WON’T give legal advice on the web. you should call the relevant public defender’s office and see if they can handle your appeal or immigration issues. there are both state public defenders and federal public defenders and they are much better than the stereotypes suggest. But i am frankly not sure if they handle your issues. if not, then call the local law schools. many law schools run what is called “legal clinics” which allows students, under the supervision of experienced counsel, to help in cases, including criminal or immigration cases. You also might call a local legal services organization (LSO) and ask for help. even if they can’t actually help you (and they might), they can think of some other resources to aid you.

    i hope this helps.

  3. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you .

  4. barbara robinson says:

    I amappealing now to the Supreme court because the lower court-2nd circuit of appeals and the BIA’s discretionery decision is of such judicial restaint on my motions to reopen my case being untimely and numerically barred
    . I need help with cases and putting forward the questions to the supreme court on the factual interpretations by both lower court. I have presented solid supporting evidences to the undelying issues as to why my motions were untimely, namely… Ineffective assistance of counsel. The BIA stste they recognize the evidence but do not consider it i n its decisionwhich is affirmed by the 2nd circuit and the government.
    I need help with this issue. They have applied a narrow reading of the exact words in a statue and have not taken into account the constitutional rights of the sixth amendment that is violated by the ineffective counsellor.