Computer Clouds, Promise and Perils

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Gellman says:

    Two links on CC and privacy.

    A letter about LA’s plan to move all its documents into the cloud:

    A report on CC and privacy:

  2. Danielle Citron says:

    Thanks so much, Bob! I look forward to seeing you at another Privacy gig soon. So great to see that you are a reader. Danielle

  3. Holmes Wilson says:

    Hi there,

    Saw you’d written about the Amazon / 1984 flap, and I thought you might be
    interested in the petition we launched yesterday:

    We have over 1400 signatures already, and signers include Lawrence Lessig,
    Clay Shirky, Cory Doctorow and other notable authors, librarians, and

    The petition opens:

    “We believe in a way of life based on the free exchange of ideas, in which
    books have and will continue to play a central role. Devices like Amazon’s
    are trying to determine how people will interact with books, but Amazon’s
    use of DRM to control and monitor users and their books constitutes a clear
    threat to the free exchange of ideas.”

    Please have a look, and if you support the cause or think it would be
    interesting to your readers, a blog post would be great!


    -Holmes Wilson
    Free Software Foundation