Cellphone Dangers: So What Else Is Uncle Sam Hiding?

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2 Responses

  1. What constitutes an “untenable” risk? Because we ARE going to be taking some kind of risks, risks are unavoidable. And frequently risks are associated with benefits, making them worth taking.

    A decade ago, cellphone use in cars was essentially negligible, today it’s routine. How much has this pushed up the death toll on our roads? Based on this chart,


    Not at all.

    If using a cellphone is as dangerous as driving drunk, apparently we’ve been misled about how dangerous driving drunk really is.

  2. waldo says:

    Interesting story. There’s only one problem with it. I read about the study’s conclusions in newspapers years ago. Use Google to confirm this statement.

    BTW I’m against the use of any cell phone (hands-free included) while driving.