Taking China’s Temperature on Climate Change

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3 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    China is an ancient nation. Informed by millenia, the Chinese undoubtedly recognize the equivalence of junk science and politics. Thus the Chinese position on international GHG regulation.

  2. “Another thing that had changed from last year is that the Chinese people know that the U.S. has dramatically changed course by electing Barack Obama president.”

    I’ve always found that an amusing philosophical point: You can’t “know” something that’s false, but everything that’s going on in your head is exactly the same.

  3. Part of the reluctance of the Bush administration towards the mercury treaty that Mr. Obama has resurrected is that these type of UN projects just devolve into seemingly never-ending negotiations. Bob – I will buy you and yours a dinner of the biggest Obama-cleansed, sushi-grade tuna steaks if this treaty is in place by EOY 2013.

    …and really, showing clips from “Inconvienent Truth”? It’s not as if Communist China needs to import propaganda.