What’s in a Name, Part 2: Consider “half-siblings”

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2 Responses

  1. Marcia Zug says:

    Great post but I am curious as to your thoughts regarding what effect this change will have on the willingness of donors to make donations. I believe other countries, such as Great Britain, which have decreased the anonymity of their sperm donations have seen a corresponding decrease in the willingness of donors to make such donations.

    • Naomi Cahn says:

      Thanks so much for your response. I’ve written about this concern when it comes to deciding to allow for limited disclosure (in Test Tube Families (http://www.nyupress.org/books/Test_Tube_Families-products_id-7934.html) and other places). What appears to happen as countries change practices surrounding anonymity is that the type of donor changes, and recruitment practices change as well.

      By the way, I am hoping that my next writing project – after Red Families v. Blue Families and a book on post-conflict and gender, etc. — will involve a series of articles and a book on donor-conceived families.