New Developments at Concurring Opinions

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Ohm says:

    Congrats on a seamless move, guys. I’m a huge wordpress fan, and I think you’ll like it.

    As you may know, your RSS feed spit up the last 20 posts, marked as new, which is understandable.

    But did you also know that your new RSS feed now truncates posts at around 125 words? Was this an accident or an intentional, click-maximizing choice? If it’s an accident, could you please reconfigure it to feed whole posts as it once did?

  2. A.J. Sutter says:

    Please bring back the “preview” feature for comment-posting. It’s especially valuable for checking whether paragraph spacing,
    HTML tags and other formatting has gotten screwed up, as well as making it easier to catch typoxxs.

  3. venkat says:

    I like the design tweaks. WordPress move sounds wise from what I’ve heard. Congrats.

  4. Jens says:

    “As you’ve probably noticed, we’re making some changes to the blog. Yesterday, we switched from Movable Type to Word Press.”

    No, why should I notice that? I’m usually reading the feed …

  5. Paul Horwitz says:

    Dan, the print this feature looks like a great innovation. Congrats.