The Obsolescence of Voice Mail

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5 Responses

  1. A.W. says:

    well, i will point out that the technology exists also to turn voice mail messages into audio files, and back when i worked for a firm that did that, it was incredibly convenient. That might be where it will go.

  2. Following A.W., I have all my voicemail emailed to me automatically, and then I usually respond to folks by voicemail unless a call is really necessary.

    That said, one of the biggest adjustments for me in academia is how much the phone is used. Even in my own school, folks call me to tell me a package has arrived, that they want to meet for lunch, etc. I’m still not used to that.

  3. Whoops – I mean I respond by email…

  4. Danielle Citron says:

    Michael and A.W., Thanks for your comments! My sentence–“Even with the increasing use to VoIP and related services that immediately alert users of their voice messages or translate voice to text, this trend may serve as a signaling function: a voice mail ignored and a text returned will make clear what gets us what we want faster.”–meant to acknowledge your excellent point and explain that nonetheless people may still generally be more inclined to text or email. Perhaps I am biased by my own inclination to email over voice mail!

  5. A.W. says:

    Ah, well, as a lawyer i do 90% of my communication by email. That way if someone says A.W. said i could!, i can contradict them with proof, if necessary. But that has to do with the efficiency of cya more than anything.

    I was just pointing out where the tech is going, and maybe people will use it. of course its hard to know. for instance, pdf scans have only sort of half replaced other methods of document transmission. i ask people to send me docs all the time, and about 25% are willing to pdf send it to me as i prefer (for cost alone), 25% will fax and the rest use FedEx. I think as the late adopters become just plain “adopters” that will change, but every time someone tries to predict the future, i always remember those lame “world of the future” spots that seemed so hilariously wrong about life in the future. I mean seriously, where is my rocket car and robot butler, huh?

    But it can be fun to speculate.