Justice Scalia’s Dossier: Interesting Issues about Privacy and Ethics

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57 Responses

  1. K says:

    Someone just sent me this link after I found out that after I bought an apartment, a website posted my name, my picture, where I went to college, where I work, a sattelite photo of my building, my apartment number with a description of what I do. I am a woman in my twenties and I feel incredibly uncomfortable having my picture (which was copied from my employer’s website) posted next to my apartment number and a sattelite image of my building.

  2. William Lawrence says:

    Justice Saclia, has no investment in constitutional precepts… views the U.S. Constitution as a quaint antiquated document that must be jettisoned as soon as possible. Installing Corporate Personhood as the Law of the Land is as absurd as ascribing spermatozoa / zygote personhood. Calling a spade a spade…Scalia is a f#@king madman who has destroyed the credibility of the judiciary and has undermined respect for the institution of justice in the 21st century. Amen