It’s A Funeral; Time To Sing

Deven Desai

Deven Desai is an associate professor of law and ethics at the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology. He was also the first, and to date, only Academic Research Counsel at Google, Inc., and a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy. He is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and the Yale Law School. Professor Desai’s scholarship examines how business interests, new technology, and economic theories shape privacy and intellectual property law and where those arguments explain productivity or where they fail to capture society’s interest in the free flow of information and development. His work has appeared in leading law reviews and journals including the Georgetown Law Journal, Minnesota Law Review, Notre Dame Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, and U.C. Davis Law Review.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully, Robbie Robertson (of The Band) is not the same as Robbie Wilson. Robertson is innocent of the song posted.

  2. Bruce Boyden says:

    Wot, no Chopin? For Monty Python, there’s also the Galaxy Song from The Meaning of Life.

  3. Colin C says:

    I’m putting a vote in for “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha.

  4. Deven says:

    Wow horrible typo. I like Robertson and slipped. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Peter says:

    I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Warren Zevon

  6. Nate Oman says:

    No thanks! At my funeral, please sing “All Creatures of Our God and King” by St. Fancis of Assisi set to the music by Ralph Vaughn Williams.

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  8. eric says:

    Phil Ochs, “When I’m Gone”.

  9. Deven says:

    Great stuff. Thanks.

    Nate, fair enough. A great classic and one I used to sing all the way through grade school. Nice one and not really on the usual suspects, I think.