CCR Symposium: Screening Software

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  1. It’s a fair point, and one that was on my mind while writing yesterday’s post. The debate on filtering so far has been quite unsatisfactory, as snake-oil merchants try to convince us that they have got The Solution, which usually lasts about five minutes before it’s proven to be anything but. We see a good example of this in the suggested Australian national filtering system supervised by the ACMA. Where filtering has been suggested for the purposes of copyright protection (e.g. ISP-level technologies like Audible Magic, which is magic in the sense that no-one knows how it works and it can’t get it right all the time), it provokes a justifiable outcry, and I’ve been one of the outcriers. Whatever about the technological advances, I think we’re still a very long way from an acceptance that, for legal purposes, filtering is even close to ready.