Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 97.3 (March 2009)


Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 97.3 (March 2009)


Selling Originalism

Jamal Greene

A Theory of Judicial Power and Judicial Review

David S. Law

Essay and Responses

Spam Jurisprudence, Air Law, and the Rank Anxiety of Nothing Happening (A Report on the State of the Art)

Pierre Schlag

Get a LIfe?

Daniel R. Ortiz

The State of Legal Scholarship Today (A Comment on Schlag)

Richard A. Posner

Daniel Arises: Notes (Such as 30 and 31) from the Schlagaground

Richard H. Weisberg

A Reply to Pierre

Robin West


Procurement and the Polls: How Sharing Responsibility for Acquiring Voting Machines Can Improve and Restore Confidence in American Voting Systems

Philip J. Peisch

“The Great Equalizer”: Making Sense of the Supreme Court’s Equal Protection Jurisprudence in American Public Education and Beyond

Matthew Scutari

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