2009 Judiciary Act: Part Two

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1 Response

  1. A.W. says:

    I think if a judge is manifestly unable to do his job, it becomes a matter of ethics to stand down. so, in my mind, it is not “good behavior” to hang on when you can’t do the job.

    Of course physically being there is decreasingly important. yesterday i couldn’t be there for one of my company’s meetings. so i called in and was there by phone. big deal.

    And when holographic technology becomes common, we could easily imagine it being like the jedi counsel in star wars, where some are actually there, and several are just holograms in their place. don’t laugh. We already saw Wolf Blitzer and cnn using the technique on election night. sadly, no one was sharp enough to say “help me, Obiwan, you are my only hope!” But humor aside, the day is creeping forward when that bit of science fiction becomes reality.